Here is how to enjoy your stay at a hostel

After factoring in the cost of flights and visas, finding an affordable place to stay is probably at the top of your list. These days, travellers have a wide range of options for places to stay. From hotels to Air bnb’s. However, hostels are often overlooked as potential accommodation. Mainly because they have a reputation of being places for young broke travellers. However, there are positives to staying at a hostel. Not only is it cheaper than traditional accommodation, if done right, it can enhance your travelling experience.  Here is how to get the most out of your hostel stay.

Read the reviews

Just like you wouldn’t go to a restaurant without reading a few reviews, it is a good idea to check what other people have to say about the place you will be staying. Most travellers have no reason to give false reviews about a place. The reviews will give you a sense of what to expect on your stay.


Because you are sharing with people that you do not know, one of the most obvious dangers is getting your things stolen. However, most hostels will provide you with a  secure locker to keep your property safe. Make sure you bring your own lock or purchase one in case one isn’t provided for you.  If you are a woman and feel worried about sleeping in a room with men, make sure you ask about single sex dorm rooms.

Make use of the kitchen

If you are lucky enough to be staying in a place with a kitchen make sure you make use of it now and then. Not only will this save you money, it will give you a chance to connect with other people who are also cooking. Perhaps you can learn how to make a new dish or two.

Make use of the front desk

Unlike a traditional hotel, the front desk staff  at a hostel are probably friendlier and open to giving you advice on different ways to enhance your travelling experience.  Yamkela Zimela, former general manager of Curiosity Backpackers, advises you to ask the front desk staff about activities you can do, safe places to visit and organising transport. Feel free to chat and find out other information that will make your travelling experience a lot better.

Be open to meeting new people

The pandemic has done more than keep us at home; it has isolated many of us from other people. Staying at a hostel will give you an opportunity to meet a lot of people from all over the world. Some hostels have bars that offer affordable food, fun activities and cheap drinks. This gives you an opportunity to socialise and meet new people. Take advantage of this chance and be a little bit sociable. Getting to know like-minded people can also make it easier to get discounts on tours that need a larger group of people.