The Reward: The Red Beach, Liaoning

If you’re after an unforgettable experience in China then a visit to the red beach, Liaoning is for you. It won’t be easy to get there… but the journey will be worth it.

The eye-popping crimson colour of the Red Beach comes from the grass species Suaeda salsa. This Chinese marsh is the largest wetland featuring these plants, also known as sea-blites, which start growing around April every year.

They are initially green, and gradually turn red. Interestingly, this species thrives in alkaline or sweet soil. The surreal landscape is composed of shallow seas and tide lands, and is a protected area.

Visitors can also view the rare red-crowned crane among a huge variety of other species of birds and animals.

It is best to go from mid-September to mid-October to have that perfect view of the beach. Only a small portion of the Red Beach is open for tourists, and the park closes at 5pm.

The Hard Bit 

Numbers allowed into the park are limited, so be early, and enjoy the journey to the Red Beach.

Take a sightseeing bus at Jinjiang Hotel, Xinglongtai District, Panjin City, and get off at Panjin Red Beach Resort.

The bus departs hourly and the trip takes around 1.5 hours. Take a taxi to the Red Beach scenic area.

You can also take a taxi directly from downtown Panjin and ask the driver to go directly to the main entrance of the Panjin Red Beach scenic area.

Limited tourist buses to the scenic area leave from the Panjin Railway Station every day from end-April to end-October.

Getting There

SAA flies daily to Beijing, China. From there, catch the Beijing South train to Panjin. Book your tickets today!