Top things you need to consider when planning a holiday abroad

Tickets, Check. Visa? Check. An adapter for your electronics? … You forgot it, didn’t you? It’s easy to remember the big things while planning a little holiday. However, it is often the small things that can unravel even the best laid plans.

A true traveler is someone who makes sure everything is taken care of, right down to the smallest detail so they can relax and enjoy the holiday. Here is how you can join the extraordinary league of elite travelers.

Make lists, and when you think you are done, make more lists.  Take a page out of Santa Claus’s book and check it twice. We would all like to think we have great memories. However, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks when we have a lot on our minds. Think of all the things you will need and cross them off individually.  Be sure to include things like adapters, important medication, and reminders to get required vaccinations.

Make copies of all important documents and get information about the location of your county’s embassy. Chances are nothing too crazy will happen during your trip, but it’s always better to be prepared. Losing your passport in a foreign country isn’t ideal. Having copies of your documents can make getting a replacement easier.

Pack an extra set of clothes in your carry-on bag. We all hope that our clothes will reach the same destination we do; however it happens sometimes that your luggage takes a detour somewhere exotic. To avoid looking like a walking advertisement for a tourist gift shop, make sure you pack a few extra things in your carry-on.

Alert your bank of your intention to travel. Sometimes your bank will block your cards if they see strange transactions on your account. Letting your bank know that you will be living your best life abroad will help you avoid being stranded without money in a foreign country. The cost of placing an international call to remedy the situation can cost grandma her gift from abroad.