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Here you can expect rich, vibrant content across an inspiring array of travel, business and lifestyle articles.

Sawubona highlights the best of South Africa, the African continent and the world, supporting SAA’s mission of bringing the world to Africa and taking Africa to the world. Our writers and photographers travel all over the world on South African Airways capturing the best of their journeys to share with you. Expect informative articles on global culture, food, adventure, business and entertainment in our categories: KnowGoEat & Do plus all the latest SAA News in the Our World section.

The majority of our readers are visitors to South Africa, knowledgeable, sophisticated world travellers seeking a genuine experience of South Africa. Many of our readers are South African residents who expect authenticity, engaging stories that highlight their home country in a positive light. We aim to tell the stories we want the world to know about South Africa and South Africans while striving to remain entertaining and informative for both visitors and residents of this beautiful country we call home.

Sawubona is owned by SAA and published by Mikateko Media. The magazine is distributed on all SAA flights, domestic and international. It has a circulation of 88 514 and a readership of 720 000.