Top 10: Most Instagrammed Sunset Views in the World


No matter which part of the world you may be in, there’s nothing quite like a beautiful sunset to reflect upon the day’s events or in anticipation of the night ahead. For recommendations on some of the best views, however, spa booking agency SpaSeekers conducted research and has rounded up the most-Instagrammed sunsets from around the world out of 286 million images shared in 2017.

The sunny US state of California has the highest number of Instagrammed sunsets, with a whopping 5,7 million shared on the social media platform. Next on the list of destinations where sunsets are captured and shared for the online masses to envy is Sicily, with 1,7 million sunset snaps shared. With 1,4 million posted sunsets, Bali came in at third position.


These are the world’s most-Instagrammed sunset destinations:

  1. California, USA, with 5,7 million posts
  2. Sicily, Italy, with 1,7 million posts
  3. Bali, Indonesia, with 1,4 million posts
  4. Paris, France, with 1,3 million posts
  5. Sydney, Australia, with 1,3 million posts
  6. London, UK, with 1,2 million posts
  7. Moscow, Russia, with 1,2 million posts
  8. Mumbai, India, with 1,07 million posts
  9. Phuket, Thailand, with 1,05 million posts
  10. Ibiza, Spain, with 1,01 million posts

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