The Kruger National Park In Your Pocket


A beautiful new app has been created for the Kruger National Park with the aim of putting a huge amount of information into your pocket while remaining true to the remote experience of the bush.

Called KrugerExplorer, it is a wildlife, maps and routes field guide to Kruger. Hundreds of detailed animal profiles are accompanied by over 70 of the creators’ favourite and most successful self-drive routes, describing Kruger’s wonderful habitats, where you might find the wildlife and why it lives there.

An Offline Experience 

The app also includes new, specially-commissioned maps of Kruger National Park that are the most accurate and up-to-date available today, and it all works offline once downloaded.

“We would spend a fortune on heavy guidebooks and outdated park maps, and it felt like we were carrying a small library around the bush!” said co-creator Danny Broome.

“People want the advantages that technology offers but visit the bush to escape the stresses of everyday life, so it was important that we ensured the design of the app remained true to the bush experience and worked completely offline.”

KrugerExplorer App Phone

An Immersive Experience 

The app contains over 400 high-resolution images of Kruger’s mammals, birds, reptiles and flora, bringing the intricate detail of the park’s beautiful nature to life.

Its 300,000 words of content immerse the user in the Kruger wilderness, whether they are exploring the park by driving its 3,500km road network or from the comfort of home.

“Technology has an important role to play in the future of conservation and the protection of wilderness areas too,” adds co-creator Charlotte Kirke.

“The app has incredible reach around the world, which enhances education and understanding of African wildlife.

“We hope this will help to create a new generation of stewards for places like the Kruger, ensuring that these global treasures and their wild inhabitants survive long into the future. Some parents have already told us they are finding the app is a great resource for educating their children about the animals, which is just wonderful to hear.”

Fostering Unforgettable Experiences 

Creating such a comprehensive app is no simple feat, however. “We’ve been passionate visitors to Kruger for many years but neither of us has ever done anything like this before, so it’s been an incredible learning curve and involved many long nights,” said Broome.

“But the hard work is absolutely worth it whenever someone emails to say the app has helped them plan an unforgettable Kruger trip and significantly enhanced their experience and understanding of the park.”

The KrugerExplorer App is available for mobile and tablet devices and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

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