Five Post-Vaccine Travel Trends To Try


As countries around the world prepare for the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine there is a lot of chatter about what life post-vaccine could look like. While the availability of the vaccine is certainly not a magic potion that will clear everything up instantly, it does offer a ray of hope that has many fantasizing about the future, when the “new normal” will result in a host of exciting travel trends.

We take a look at five post-vaccine travel trends that are set to be big in 2021 according to experts.

Doorstep Travel

As more countries experience surges in the spread of the virus post-holiday season delaying the opening of international borders, local travel will likely boom in 2021. This renewed interest in one’s own country could see activities like road trips gain momentum as more people look at ways to explore what’s on their doorstep.

Multi-Generational Escapes

Multi-generational travel has been a consistent theme for years now, but with many families unable to see their relatives during COVID, we can expect a surge in 2021. With that being said hotels, resorts, and destinations that offer entertainment for the whole family will likely grow in popularity as well.

Big Bucket List Trips

Most of us have spent the past nine months reassessing our bucket list and prioritizing what is most important. Many people have realised that the best time to do what you love is now, so big bucket list trips will no doubt form part of the 2021 post-vaccine travel trends.

River Cruises Instead of Ocean

As cruising returns, smaller ships are expected to be favored over large ocean liners. European River Cruises like the Riviera River Cruises  may prove popular as their modern, spacious ships carry between just 121 and 169 passengers on itineraries throughout Europe. And there are no days at sea, with ships stopping at a destination each day, often just steps from the main sights.

Remote Island Escapes

With limited access, an island vacation can offer a secluded alternative to the typical trip to the beach – and it does not necessarily mean just unrolling a towel to lie on. These days there are plenty of adventure offerings and service providers available on most popular island getaways.  Do your research and you can have an adventurous time in paradise.


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