Editor-In-Chief: Welcome Back International Travellers


Over the last few weeks, I have heard and read about long queues at many airports around the world and the reasons for it.

Lockdown took its toll on everything, and maybe we didn’t count on the longing of people to be out and about and see the world. Employees must return to their offices and maybe not everyone is back yet.  

All that aside, people are hungry to travel to new and old destinations. On the bucket lists seem to be Italy, Greece, Portugal, and England. We, down in the south, are still in the throes of winter, so it stands to reason that the sunny beaches and places where people can be outside are now beckoning.

The Northern hemisphere is also experiencing exceptionally high temperatures, and watching everyone frolicking outside, sitting at street cafés, wandering the town in search of familiar sights, can make a ‘Southy’ envious with FOMO (fear of missing out).  

We are heading into Spring and soon we will be prepared for the influx of tourists from the north. We are more than ready to welcome back international travellers to our shores.

The whales are already doing flip flops in our oceans, wine is on the chill in our wine farms, and the flower season is just about ready to bloom. Just because we can’t officially call it champagne, doesn’t mean we don’t have some spectacular bubblies. We call ours MCCs (Methode Cap Classiques).  

 Book your tickets… we are ready. 

Ingrid Jones

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