Dakar, the city on the western-most tip of Africa has its own way of doing things, and settling into its rhythms offers a rich and heady experience.

Here are 6 things to do when there.

Things to do in Dakar, Senegal

Ngor Island

About 10 minutes by pirogue from Dakar, this is the fun island. Simply take a taxi to the shore, from where the pirogues leave regularly. You can request a private or public transfer. Ngor Island offers restaurants, swimming and walks around the island.

Sea Plaza Mall

The Sea Plaza shopping mall offers Casino supermarket for all your grocery needs. There are also a few clothing stores, including international brands, as well as a food court serving Lebanese, Asian and Senegalese cuisine.

Gorée Island

This Unesco World Heritage Site is a memorial to the millions of people that were kept here in horrific conditions and transported as slaves to the Americas. You may spend the afternoon exploring the island and House of Slaves with a tour guide. I spent a few nights on the island.

La Galerie Antenna

A must-see in Dakar. A family business that’s been around since the ‘70s, the La Galeria Antenna houses original pieces from West Africa, some so precious that they can’t be moved. The gallery is inspiration to art students and collectors who come from all over the world to add to their collection. Ask for a tour when you visit.

Sandaga Market

A market selling food, clothing, fabric, toys, accessories and home contents. Ask for space to browse freely and be prepared to haggle, which is part of the fun.

Le Village des Arts

Feel free to walk around the village. The artists are happy to talk about their work and themselves.

by Jabulile Ngwenya