Micro-gapping: The New Gap Year


Call it a sabbatical or an extend, extend-break, a gap year from school or work spent travelling sounds like a dream for many.

In fact, according to a study conduct by the UK’s official travel board, VisitEngland, 82% of 18 to 34 year-olds are keen to take time off their obligations to travel, but money and lack of time often come up as barriers to doing so.

While 75% of the survey’s participants sighted finances as being the reason they cannot take a gap year or dream holiday and another 41% being concerned about the impact a gap year would have on their career growth, a new form of travelling called ‘microgapping’ seems to be the solution – with 16% of respondents saying they worked in companies that allowed them to work from anywhere in the world.

According to Visit Bristol, microgapping entails travelling closer to home for shorter periods but with the same depth of experience one would enjoy on a gap year.

With historically fixed and restrictive working hours being replaced by the advent of the digital nomad and more flexible work hours and roles, millennials and Gen Ys can still enjoy fulfilling travel. 50% of the respondents said that this could be achieved if the break still included relaxation and wellbeing, 41% sighted opportunities to explore iconic landmarks and 33% wanted to try the local cuisine.

As with these generations, however, travel with a purpose is still very much appealing. 16% of the respondents said they’d like to acquire new skills will travelling, while 13% looked to get involved with meaningful causes while on their holiday.


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