Getting there won’t be easy … but the journey will be worth it



Acknowledged as the most beautiful spot in this small Central American country, it’s famed for its 300 m-long natural limestone bridge, on top of which is a series of six stepped pools. They’re filled with cool turquoise water thanks to the flowing Cahabón river water that links them and, yes, you can enjoy a relaxing swim in them. There are guided tours that include a meanders through the forest, a rope swing leap into the river, and wading through a series of watery caves.



Given its location in the densely forested mountains of Alta Verapaz, you’re going to need a 4×4 … and you are better off taking one the local taxis (basically a 4×4 truck) than driving there yourself. Catch a bus from Guatemala city to the nearby town of San Augustin Lanquin, and take a 4×4 taxi from there.



SAA flies daily to Sao Paolo, Brazil, and then catch a connecting flight to Guatemala city with Star Alliance member and code-share partner Avianca airlines.