SAA cabin crew member Linda Claassens shares her love of travel around the world and her favourite destination.

I chose the career because…

I used to work for a company on the 18th floor of a building in the Johannesburg CBD and when I was stressed (especially during month-ends), I would go to the archives office which had a 180° view over the city and airport in the far distance.

Linda Claassen with her flying partner
With my flying partner

I would look at all the aircraft lining up on final approach for landing at OR Tambo International Airport, wondering from what destinations would they be coming from.

One day I realised that I was missing out on life and needed to make a career change. I love to travel and explore, and therefore decided to join the aviation industry. I have never looked back or regretted my decision!

What I love most about this job

… is the flexibility. It’s not an office job day in and day out, every day is different. I meet new people and work with different colleagues on every flight. And on every flight I can make a difference.

Street art São Paulo
Street art São Paulo

Most memorable moments

… are when my family are traveling with me on my working trips.

Most memorable Business Class passenger

… was one who said: “If you don’t like to be out of your comfort zone … then don’t travel.” That pretty much sums up everything about traveling.

Main river Frankfurt
Main river Frankfurt

What I love about travel

I get to see beautiful places; not just in my own country but all over the world. I’m regularly meeting people from different nationalities and cultures, and I get to know how they experience live and tasting wonderful international cuisine.

When I’m not flying

I am involved at church as an Abba Care team member where we pray for people that are in need. I also love succulent plants and enjoy going to nurseries looking for new plants and creative containers.


Linda’s Top Travel Tips

  • If you really want to get to know a destination, then walk the street.
  • Never eat cut fruits, only eat the whole fruit!
  • Eat where the locals eat and where the restaurants are very busy for the freshest food at reasonable prices.
  • Travel with an expired driver’s license card when asked for identification and not with your passport that can easily be lost.
  • Always pack an adapter plug.
  • Always take an umbrella and something warm to wear.