The Reward: Golden Bridge, Da Nang


If you’re after a scenic tourism experience and breathtaking views in Vietnam then the Golden Bridge in Da Nang is for you. It won’t be easy to get there … but the journey will be worth it.


The bridge held up by two giant hands looks like a scene from a fantasy movie. Opened to the public in June 2018, the Golden Bridge is located inside the Sun World Bà Nà Hills amusement park near Da Nang in Vietnam and is designed to connect the cable car station with the gardens. 

The structure is 1400 metres above sea level and stretches 150 metres long, giving visitors a full view of Da Nang city. 

With two enormous concrete hands built to seem as though they are holding the bridge, principal architect, Vu Viet Anh, and founder of TA Landscape Architecture was reported saying that the design is to “invoke the sensation of walking along a thread stretching through the hands of God.  

It can get quite busy, so it’s best to go early morning or late afternoon if you’d like to avoid the crowds. For the best views, avoid buying your ticket if you see cloud coverage on the webcams on display at the entrance. 

The Hard Bit 

Once in Vietnam, make your way to Da Nang’s City Centre to reach Bà Nà Hills Resorts – an approximate 45-minute journey. However, you still have a bit further to go until you reach the Golden Bridge. 

At the resort, you will need to purchase a cablecar ticket, which will take you up to the bridge. The cable car ride takes about 20 minutes. 

Getting There

SAA flies to Singapore daily from Johannesburg. From there, take a connecting flight to Da Nang, Vietnam. Don’t delay, book your tickets with SAA today



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