The best destinations for football fans


For those that live and breathe football, it may not be enough to simply watch matches on TV and attend the occasional game. These fans might long to visit an area with a more tangible buzz in the air, surrounded by other football megafans and an abundance of huge stadiums. 

To determine which countries are the best holiday spots for football fans, the football experts at Ticketgum have analysed fan attendance, buzz around the last men’s World Cup (2022), and football infrastructure in 42 countries around the world, to reveal where football fans should be searching for their next getaway.


Argentina takes the top spot as the best country for football fans to visit. Fans of the game won’t struggle to find kindred spirits here. The Men’s World Cup winners score 8.47 out of 10 for best atmosphere for football fans. The fans in Argentina are devoted, the Primera División draws an average of almost 41 000 fans to each game, the second highest attendance in the top ten, behind Germany (43 000) so attendees are guaranteed an infectious energy.


Brazil, which scores 8.24/10 for atmosphere, has the second most stadiums of all countries in the top ten and third overall with 144. For fans who want to be surrounded by incredible history, the country’s most famous stadium, Maracanã, is a bastion of football memories for Brazil, particularly with regards to their most famous ever player, Pelé. Maracanã is where Pelé debuted for the national team, where he scored his 1000th goal, and where he last played for Brazil.


The third best country for football fans to visit is England, scoring 7.67/10. With 90 stadiums, the historical home of the game is an obvious destination for any football fan. Premier League matches draw the third highest attendees per major league match, 40 236, guaranteeing fans a buzzy, energetic atmosphere. The league is also the most valuable league in the world at £10.42 billion, so you know quality is guaranteed.


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