Nex Playground is here to make movement fun


Video games have a poor reputation when it comes to physical health, but the advent of motion games has changed that impression. Nex Playground brings motion games into the modern era with an all-new active play system designed for families.

This incredible new active play system is distributed exclusively by Skyworth Group’s retail brand QVWI in South Africa. Nex Playground offers a simple way for families to turn their living room into an interactive playground that brings the family together for entertaining bouts of physical activity. 

Voted by TIME as one of the best innovations for 2023 with recognising the active play system as an innovative and family-friendly addition to the average home.

A next gen active play system

The diminutive cube that will soon take over living rooms everywhere hosts a 12.3MP ultra-wide-angle camera capable of detecting player movement and translating it into accurate onscreen action.

The active play system connects to TVs via HDMI and includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 64GB of storage onboard. Games can be downloaded via Wi-Fi and stored on the play system allowing for travel and complete offline playing.

The Nex Playground will include 4 titles at launch with a limited quantity and will retail at R3 499. The 4 titles included are Whack-a-Mole Deluxe, Party Fowl, Starri, and Go Keeper. The first is a spin on the classic physical arcade game for several players at once.

Party Fowl is a series of fun family challenges, while Starri is a controller-free take on popular dance and rhythm games that will be instantly familiar. Go Keeper will make parents and kids take turns at saving strikes and penalty kicks in a fantasy football simulation.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Nominal subscription payments of R399 per quarter or R1199 per annum open up a new world of activity. The subscription provides instant access to a rich catalogue of 20 games, with more new games launched every season, allowing your whole family to move, bop, bounce and marvel at how much fun it can be to get off the couch, be active and keep moving. 

Something for everyone

Of course, these activities needn’t be confined to those with small children. Many of the experiences can act as social ice-breakers, getting normally staid adults out and interacting in ways they’ve neglected since childhood.

Adults can also look forward to meeting their virtual fitness coach who will guide their workout experience within the NexGym fitness title. NexGym is an innovative AR fitness experience that is perfect for those active home workouts. 

The Nex Playground will be available from local retailers Incredible Connection and Takealot with pre-orders starting on 21 March with official sales on 29 March 2024. Activations with giveaways are up for grabs during the Easter Weekend (Friday 29 March and Saturday 30 March) at Gateway Mall, Canal Walk Mall and Mall of Africa.


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