If you’ve returned from a weekend getaway or a carefully planned vacation feeling more centered, and hale and hearty, there’s a scientific reason – holidays are good for your health.

Other than the obvious joy of leaving your everyday routine behind, here are five scientifically proven health benefits of travelling.

Health Benefits of Travelling

Good for the heart

Women and men who travel more are less likely to suffer from heart attacks.


Less anxiety

You feel less anxious and stressed while on holiday, and the effects continue after the vacation.


Increases creativity

Travel can increase one’s creativity and the ability to make deep connections between disparate forms,” according to Professor Adam Galinsky of Columbia Business School.

Sheer joy

Just the thought of travelling and the planning brings people great excitement and happiness, according to a Cornell University study.


Reduces chances of depression

Women who go on holiday at least once every six months were less susceptible to depression and stress than those who travelled less than once every 12 months.